"Keep calm and pet your dog" pet odor candle

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Have you ever been hunkered down at home for so long and you suddenly realize that things are smelling, ahem, a bit less than fresh..? 🤣🤣🤣 As much as we love our humans, our noses are much better developed than theirs and we do not need to suffer such peril. This pet odor candle will solve the problem!

Feel a weight drop off your shoulders and feel energized every time you walk into the frangrance-filled space. With cozy fragrances like citrus basil, apple harvest, hazelnut coffee & cinnamon vanilla, your human will also like this gift. Feeling comfy, playful, romantic or relaxed? Match your mood with a different fragrance each day.

Not only is this candle a treat for yourself, it also makes an excellent gift. What better way to send your mum, your grandmum or your bestie some love than with a refreshing gift? Brighten up your friends' and loved ones' day with every sniff.

This candle reads: "Keep calm and pet your dog". When your human feels low, this will remind them that they always have a friend who loves them unconditionally!!  💗

Our pet odor candles are guaranteed to burn and burn: a 16 oz glass jar candle will burn for at least 80 hours. NO, you will not suffer complaints like "I burnt it up after 2 hours and there was no scent". Our quality standards ensure that such complaints never happen, and we take pride in that.

Every candle is hand-poured with affection and care. Biodegradable, made of 100% highest quality soy wax infused with premium fragrance oils and free from any harmful chemicals, additives or preservatives. Just like this candle will be the savior of you and your humans, buying it helps our planet too!

AND.. Keep calm and pet your dog 😊


What makes this pet odor candle special?

  • Strong fragrance and powerful odor busting abilities in a 16 oz glass jar
  • 80+ hour burn time: Burns longer and slower than paraffin candles and with no soot!
  • Great for aromatherapy for you and your human 😊
  • Refreshing and delicious fragrances
  • Truth telling candles are the best: "Keep calm and pet your dog", just a little reminder that you always have a friend!
  • Made from natural, biodegradable and renewable premium soy wax source
  • NO harmful chemicals, additives or preservatives

Want to know more about the benefits of soy wax candles? Read this great article from Pure Integrity Soy Candles: https://www.pureintegrity.com/benefits-of-soy-wax-candles.html


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