Grooming kit with dry shampoo for dogs

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This grooming kit soothes dry skin on ferocious beasts and cuddly fur balls and protects paws and noses against ice and snow in winter. It is an all-in-one grooming kit for all four-legged friends! As loyal companions to our humans, we deserve to be pampered and to receive the best care. So get a hold of this money saving grooming kit now!

Dry shampoo for dogs: Yes, you heard it right! Doggy dry shampoo is not a luxury, it is a need. In cold weather, in small apartments or when water just isn't available, we pups still need care. We love to feel fresh! This dry shampoo for dogs is perfect for a daily refresher. It requires no water and saves the hassle and time of running a bath. Easy to use an quick: just sprinkle a bit of the powdered dry shampoo for dogs on your fur. Then have your human rub and pet you for 5-10 minutes – that bit is just for fun 😉 - and brush.

Great to sooth itchy skin and to control excess oil in your fur. This dry shampoo for dogs is made of colloidal oatmeal and lavender powder. Yes, we believe in organic ingredients when it comes to freshening up!

Dog shampoo bar: For the heavy duty cleaning, use our shampoo bar. Take the time to play and have a go in the water too while keeping your fur healthy and clean. This bar is great to sooth dandruff too. Unscented to spare our sensitive noses and completely eco-friendly. So, if you are hiking or camping with your human, you can safely use this shampoo bar without harming your surroundings.

Puppy Paw Wax: Just like our humans, we sometimes forget to give our paws the tender love and care they deserve. Wouldn’t it be great to regularly get pampered together with your human? Our puppy paw wax is perfect to sooth dry skin on dogs and protects our skin from ice and snow in winter. Made from the best organic ingredients: organic coconut oil, Shea butter, and organic beeswax.

To use, simply apply to your paws and nose. Refrain from licking while the wax dries, but no worries if you can’t resist the urge 😉 This wax has no added fragrances and is completely safe.


What makes this grooming kit special?

You get 3 - yes 3! – specialty items to care for your skin and fur. The kit features an 8-ounce bottle of dry shampoo for dogs, a 4.5 ounce shampoo bar and a 2.5 ounce tin of puppy wax for dry skin on dogs.

  • 8-ounce bottle of dry shampoo for dogs
    • Saves hassle and time
    • Best way to clean your fur when a bath is not an option
    • Soothes itchy skin and controls excess oil in our fur
    • Easy and quick to use: sprinkle on and rub into fur. Leave for 5-10 minutes and brush out for clean, shiny fur!
    • Comes with a handy sifter top
    • Made with lavendar and colloidal oatmeal to
  • 4.5 ounce shampoo bar
    • Rich and creamy conditioning shampoo for soft and fluffy coats
    • Soothes dandruff
    • Easily rinses out
    • Unscented to spare our sensitive noses
    • Eco-friendly, so great for camping adventures and nature walks
  • 2.5 ounce screw-top tin of puppy paw wax
    • Ultimate care for dry skin on dogs
    • Soothes cracked and dry skin on noses and paws
    • Completely safe
    • Made from the best organic materials: organic coconut oil. Shea butter and organic bees wax
    • No fragrances added
    • Protects against ice and snow during winter


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